Whistler Portable GPS with 3.5 inch Touch Screen LCD



Link to Amazon, Froogle and Price Grabber Links [trackwoot.com – links below the image].

Tyler said he had a feeling about tonight’s Woot Item. Maybe his feeling was how much I want to buy it. Great deal, as always. =)

Happy Wooting!

Additional. Is there any way to upgrade this software to work in Africa? =) Volunteering is that much more fun is you can show people exactly where they are located on a map.




Whistler Portable GPS with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD
$219.99+ $5 shipping

1 Whistler WPGX-635 GPS Nav System w/3.5" LCD Touch Screen


Get a Mio C310x from frys. It’s cheaper. And better.


portable gps = awesome


Nice product. Too bad it does not have radar detection.


I already have one of these, I think they call it a girlfriend


is this waterproof?


Wonderful reference to Scientology woot!


I don’t know about GPS’s, but Whistler makes great radar detectors.


I lost my wallet.

I think it had $219 in it.
I wonder if this will help me locate it


$302.40 w/free shipping @ Buy.com. =P

How good is this thing? =)

A lot of GPS’s are selling for around $200 or less these days!

www.whistlergroup.com is their sketchy website. Don’t like the looks of it --> Wouldn’t buy from it.

“Speed alerts - Let you know when you are exceeding speed limits” - I would turn this off immediately! Hehe USELESS!


This is good. Voice Promt, No Downloads necessary!



i bought one of those from woot few months before.

there are not good at all.


Does this thing handle complex route planning? There are days when I need to hit 10-15 locations and I try hard to not cross my path.


“Speed alerts - Let you know when you are exceeding speed limits”

Yeah, just like when Granma is in the car with me.



I wonder if it will try to pick up on my VoiceBuddy.


This is much cheaper than a girlfriend. Wish I could trade in mine towards this.


I have this and it works pretty well… i just dont travel enough tho to get a ton of use out of it. I like it though when I do travel.