Whistler Radar and Laser Detector



Whistler Radar & Laser Detector
$49.99+ $5 shipping

1 Whistler Radar & Laser Detector with NOAA Alerts DE-1770

PriceGrabber Pricings: ($129.99) http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=2723572/search=Whistler+Radar+Detector+DE-1770

Reviews: http://www.epinions.com/Whistler_DE1770__Radar_Detectors_DE1770/display_~reviews

Illegal in:

Illegal in all vehicles: Virginia, Washington D.C., U.S. military bases

Illegal in commercial vehicles under state law: Illinois, New York (specifically, commercial vehicles over 10,000 lb. and all vehicles over 18,000 lb.)

Indirectly illegal: Minnesota and California (illegal to hang anything from the windshield however both dashboard and visor mounting is allowed.) [1]


Drive slower and save money.


I want to be first to say it!!!

Don’t speed and you don’t need this!


got one


This is a pretty good brand. My friend has one. Picks up cops all the time…


Alas…Illegal in the state of Virginia…


I think you buy one of these if you’re worried about cops


Oh my gosh! Just do the speed limit! Cops let you do 10 over anyway!


Already have a similar one- good night!


Quanto, does it work?


Yay! Now I can speed without worries!


Think it would be hard to get this to work on a motorcycle? Would I even hear it?


Illegal here, the speeding fine is cheaper than the detector fine. + no court is needed.


I love the Kennedy Lincoln stories


Don’t need to worry about speeding. I live in Houston, home of the world’s most congested parking lots… I mean interestates…


It resembles my house-phone base…so it has to be good!


Happy Cinco! No need to be on the roads when I’m drinking tequilla all night. Don’t have to worry about being clocked today my friends.


Wish I had this the last time I got caught speeding during a tornado.

Very strange combination.


or you are a cop and know better