Whistler SRT-35R Radar and Laser Detector




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This is the for future reference for all those that are looking to the past!

Whistler SRT-35R Radar and Laser Detector
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product(s): 1 Whistler Radar Laser Detector SRT-35R


Yay. Illegal in my state. Goodnight.


Yeah I need one of these. Just got a ticket doing 90 in a 70. Damn FHP…


Is this as good as an Escort/Passport?


Anyone have this item? I’m curious how well it works.


It this thing any good?


I could sure use one of these… hehehe… have a lead foot I do…


Needed this last week!


i’m looking for one
is this any good?


i don’t think winter is a good time to post this… hard to speed in the snow and ice… oh wait it’s for those warm weather people!


great…now when i’m speeding home for xmas the cop can give me a big enough ticket that i can buy 4 of these


Whistler radar detectors are pretty bad. Check out http://www.radartest.com - Stick with Escort and BEL.


Looks like a bad air freshener!



No thanks.

I live in the bay area - I drive between 80 and 100MPH daily… dont need one of these.


Absolute Garbage. Get the Valentine 1. Arrows and Bogey Counter. You’ll never drive without it again.


you might want to checkout www.radarjammers.com, I just got one so I don’t know how well they work but oh well.




These are great if you want to detect radar, shopping centers, banks, traffic lights, and garage door openers!