Whistler WGPX-635 GPS with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD



Is this the same whistler that makes the crappy radar detectors?


pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Whistler WGPX-635 GPS Nav System w/3.5" LCD Touch Screen
condition: New

$159.99 + $5 shipping


No review on Cnet nor any on Amazon.

it goes for 230 there though shrugs


Cheapest on ebay is $179.99 shipped.
If I needed one, would be nice.
Cannot believe I missed the BOC even though I was only five minutes behind.



Get a free map and a Co-pilot. Men will find there own way faster without any help.
Don’t believe me, Ask one. :wink:

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from the previous woot offering.


I would get this if I hadn’t just received my Tom Tom today. But, I did get my 3 Bags Of Crap @ WooT!!! YaY :slight_smile:


Own it, don’t much care for it. It has a lot of cool features for people who take long trips. It tells you where golf courses, restaurants, gas stations, and other attractions are. I don’t take long trips. I take a lot of short ones. This GPS takes too long to figure out where I am when I turn it on. So I guess I’d recommend it for the road warriors, but do the opposite for those who take a lot of relatively short trips. To give you an idea what I mean- I’m a real estate agent.


At least it’s not a bluetooth headset


this is a excellent gps i bought this last year and is extremely accurate and the battery hold for 1/2 hour A+ from me u u can get this buy, pretty good 9-10


I own this unit; was purchased for me as a gift. It is so poor, I recently purchased a Garmin and gave it away for free. It is inaccurate, (if it tells you to turn left in 600 feet, it’s usually more likely about 300 feet to your turn), poorly calculates directions, (it has told me to turn into a parking lot and jump the curb on to the highway, to turn left in to a wall, and to go the wrong way down a one way street), and horrible at getting you to your destination by the best means (it sent me down Rt. 1 South to get to Rt 18 North when my destination was north, and the entrance to 18 North was much closer and north of my source adding 15 additional minutes senselessly to the trip.)

The features are quite good; it has millions of POIs, speaks major highway names, nice bright screen, but as a GPS unit, it is sorely lacking.

Even given to me for free, I feel like I’ve overpaid. I strongly recommend against this unit. Good luck if you buy one!

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Percentages look weird


They had sold 14 of them by 1 pm CST


Are you near East Brunswick, South River, Woodbridge, or Edison, New Jersey?

I used to live in Sayreville and drive the roads you’re describing, frequently. :slight_smile:

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If something alerted me every time i went over the speed limit it’d find itself on the side of the road realll fast.


FYI: Even if you still want one, the I Want One doesn’t work.


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