Whistler WGPX-635 GPS with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD

does woot think we get lost easily?

Already have to GPS units. This one seems nice for the price

yet another gps? How lost are we?

i would totally buy this if i had any money

Dangit… if only this came up 2 weeks ago… I doubt I could get express (here by saturday night) shipping…

Throw up a Garmin NuVi and i’ll buy one.

s’not a bad price for a gps

Anyone actually own one of these? My dad wants a GPS…

Enough with the gps’sesses…

anyone who could possibly want a GPS already fucking bought one in one of your 5000 other GPS woots…

this is the same as a garmin only better… you should buy

got one for $150 2 mos ago…works good for the price


I got one in a previous wootoff. It’s good, but sometimes it freezes if you try to change your destination mid-route. And then you have to recalibrate it which is stupid.

When is woot going to brand their own handheld GPS?

I bought one a while ago…whistler makes a nice gps for the money.

my basic verizon phone is the best navigator ive seen. everyone should get the nav service.

dont need this, i have Garmin 360 very good one.

so i ll leave this for other grebbers

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Whistler WGPX-635 GPS with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Whistler WGPX-635 GPS Nav System w/3.5" LCD Touch Screen

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