Whistler XTR-550 Radar and Laser Detector

Quality post my you-know-what! Anyway, here’s the daily Froogle: http://www.google.com/products?q=Whistler+XTR-550

boo another radar detector… grrr… oh well.

The 560 got decent reveiws on Buzzillions. I can’t imagine that the 550 could my much different, right?

Illegal where I travel.

I HATE the police, just be honest and does this work?

The name Whistler implies high technology… mainly cause I think of the movie BLADE, where Whistler was makin’ all kinds of gadgets for Blade that were of… well… high technology.

My only problem with this thing is usually I’m driving so fast that by the time it’d go off, I’d have already passed the cops… At least this way I can know to hit the gas harder as I’ve just been scanned, lol.

Too bad its illegal in CA - seems like a good price

I checked out radar detectors a while back and for the most part they work the same. Some are the cheaper ones (like this) and some are better and have fewer/no false alarms and have a better range. I had 2 at one point and just never drove on the freeway.

Something important to remember is that when the radar detector is going off that is when a cop is pulling the trigger of the speed gun so if you see the cop car real close he might have already got you.

Originally the speed guns were on all the time but they changed it so now it only comes on when you pull the trigger… making radar detectors a little less useful

eww carp, save your money and get an escort. I picked up a copper shooting ka band over 2 miles away with my 8500 x50! cant beat that, and i do alot of highway driving 90mph+ and have never been trapped.

This Whistler’s specs do look good but the only trustworthy ones are made by Beltronics/Escort or Valentine1.

P.S. It’s missing Ku Band but I don’t think that band is used in the US yet.

they are not at all illegal in CA. not at all. VA and DC are the only illegal places.

One word: Montana. I don’t need this.

blah, $10 bucks less than it was a month ago when I bought it…

im not so sure about this one. usually the cheaper they are the less advanced they are. Cops are getting tricky with the economy and all so you need something good to warn you and this isn’t it.
If you’re looking for a good radar detector (for all you speeders out there) try the Passport series. While expensive, they’ll do their job…every time.

yeah, i hear you. I was out there a few months ago and I didn’t even want to speed because it would have used up so much gas. no need to speed given how high the limit is out there.

I’ve had one for more than a year and it works GREAT!

The only piece of advice I’d give to buyers is that when it alerts, pay attention. You may not see the cop immediately but they’re there. Ignore the alert and you’ll find out just where they’re hidden. ; )

I would have said that up until a few years ago, when their quality has really gone downhill. I would go with Bel on a budget and Valentine not on a budget. 50 states speeding experience talking here.

Who told you that? Detectors are 100% legal in personal vehicles in Cal. All counties

Not only is this not true, but it is a fact most
CHP just drive around with their radar on, and
rarely using a Ka pulse. So, this might help
on the hiway. More and more, in the city they
are using LASAR, and also on the purposeful
speed traps on the freeways.

If you are really serious, spend more and get a
Valentine. You gotta spend Lots to deal with the LASAR.