White Flowers Sparkling Riesling (6)

White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling 6-Pack
$74.99 $112.00 33% off List Price
NV White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling
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Pulled one of these to have tonight, but ended up with a Ch Lot 306 instead as the ladies wanted pink bubbly.
Perhaps tomorrow then…

Would this be a good wine to make mimosas with?

Okay, haven’t purchased from Woot in a while. Why am I being forced to use Amazon Payments? I have a different payment set up for Woot than for Amazon. Are those without an Amazon Payment acct forced to create one to buy things from Woot? This is ridiculous.

“You are now checking out for Pacific Rim White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling (6).
For this particular item, you’ll need to use your Amazon Payments account to place your order. Hit that big ol’ button below to get started.”

Check out this post.

I’m not happy, because the wine will not ship to Georgia. I don’t know if it’s because it is being shipped directly from the seller or because of the new Amazon payments thing. It stinks, because I have bought wine from woot in the past with no problems

Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, wine may only be delivered to the following states:

California, Colorado, District Of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington

shorter list than most days - I think that since the winery is doing the shipping, they have to be licensed by the state (They pay tax to your state)----I don’t think the Amazon thing has any effect

I generally use a drier champagne/sparkling wine for mimosas. This one is pretty sweet.

it works quite effectively with Orange Juice.

How sweet is this? Like asti sweet? or medium sweet? I’m trying to decide if this would be good for my thanksgiving crowd… who prefers sweeter whites…

That is a pretty short list! I rarely see on that can’t ship to Nevada. Saves me some money today. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty sweet. Definitely sweeter than medium sweet.

Dude. Sweet.

That’s a horrible movie. And much of that movies outdoor scenes were shot in Sierra madre CA which is a place I grew up in.


+1 on sangria… no need to add syrup…
almost like alcoholic welch’s sweet :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Glad California is still on the short list.

My late nehphew is from Richland Wa, the home of this wine. He passed last year from brain cancer. His birthday is next month, so we will toast to him and remember him warmly whenever we crack a new bottle.

This sounds like something they would like. Esp. For belinnis.