White Flowers Sparkling Riesling (6)

White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling 6-Pack
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White Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling
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This sure looked familiar. Perhaps the same as a previous w00t offer?

NV Pacific Rim Winemakers Riesling White Flowers Selenium Vineyard
I’ve still got a couple bottles from that offer that has some wooter comments in CT.

Not the most complex bubbly, and won’t replace an IH, but a worthy effort I found was absolutely a pleaser when I took it to casual events.

Soory woot! Wanted to order this, but your amazon payments are not working with my computer. Clicking the payment button from Firefox takes me to a blank amazon page. Using IE, I get a blank page after logging in on amazon. Please let me know when this is fixed and I will try again (assuming it is fixed today before sell out)

I have purchased both the sweet and brut in the past. I prefer the Brut, but both are easy to like.

The sweet was a huge hit with the young adults and novices in my family. (The foodies and experienced wine drinkers did not refuse my offer to refill their flute.)

I get a lot of enjoyment from having bubbly around that is tasty and inexpensive – ready for mimosas, gifting, or just no-guilt enjoyment with less-than-gourmet cooking.

Sadly, I live in a buzz-kill state, so I only order this when it’s offered with the brut. That’s when I dropship the max to my favorite wootlegger and refill my cellar.

Hope this helps.

I’ve had huge issues as well.
You need to allow javascript, popups and x-site scripting. There are nearly 10, iirc, individual sites the require access to complete a payment to mothership.

I’m sorry, for some reason I missed your post earlier. I just checked and things are working for me with no problem. You might try following the suggestions above from @rjquillin- I’ve found some help clearing cookies from Woot from time to time as well.

how many fl. oz. total? (fluid ounces).

6 bottles of 750 ml = 4.5 l

which is 152.1 fl oz (33.8 fl oz per liter)

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