White Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Set

guys you can mess with a guys emotions like that…i thought all my problems were settle…an engagement ring i dont have to spend a fortune on…oh wait cubic zirconia…shake my head

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Guys, an engagement ring is one of the few gifts you will give her that she will keep forever. She will notice if the plating flakes off or if you accidentally reveal that you didn’t even spend a Jackson on your engagement.

You only get one chance (unless it’s Elizabeth Taylor). This is not worth the risk!

Make sure you factor in the cost of a divorce when you consider spending $20 on an engagement ring.

I feel bad for the lady who gets one of these as a real engagment ring. The rule of thumb is 3 months salary so…$20/3 months = $6.66/mo???

Now that I think about it, this might make a decent ring to wear when she wants to leave the expensive one at home! When we go camping or kayaking my wife locks up the good one and throws on a tungsten band.

I wouldn’t have any problem with a $20 engagement ring. Mostly because I don’t wear rings so it would just be something to wear to appease the extended family when I was around them.

I’d rather save the money and put it toward something for the marriage. This, of course, is probably why I’ve never married. I don’t think like a “real girl” :wink:

Get these for your child, and let them play dress-up. When I was around eight, a family friend gave me “diamond” stud earrings. I loved those things for years! Nothing like getting pretend-fancy just 'cause.*

  • I still feel this way. :-o

Perfect for keeping in your wallet in case the moment is right.

Andy: I’ve been carrying that ring around in my wallet for six years. Because you don’t know when you’re gonna meet the right girl and the moment’s gonna be right. And tonight, with the fireworks, and the music, and everything… it was right.

This would be a useful item for ladies who are not actually engaged, but would like to communicate their non-available status. Additionally, I know several women with real rings who save the rocks for special occasions and wear a CZ ‘decoy’ that they are not so attached to day-to-day.

A $20 engagement ring? … really?

You can be cheap, but I wouldn’t be this cheap. I think it is a good ring to buy a young daughter or a friendship ring.

You can still get a bargain though for an engagement ring if you want. I actually spent around $650 for my fiance’s .5 carat ring. The reason why it was so cheap was that it was clarity enhanced to look VS2. They basically take a resin and fill in the inclusions of a I3 diamond. The resin is invisible to the eye and is only affected by extreme temps or acid (so I don’t think i have to worry about that). It is a great way to get a beautiful natural diamond ring at a cheaper price. The jewelry stores hate them because it is putting them out of business.

If I were with someone who spent the equivalent of 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring, I’d be pretty pissed. I could buy a car for that (assuming he makes what I do or more). One month is acceptable. Anything more than that is excessive. Guess it’s nice for whomever I end up with that my taste tends to run in the $1500 range. If that’s three months’ salary, I’m sure we never would have gone out in the first place (though I’m sure when my brother-in-law proposed to my sister when they were in college, that might have been 3 months’ salary… work study doesn’t really put much in the pocket ;)). But, no, $20 on an engagement ring is a good way to make your average girl mad.

3 months salary is very old-hat. Diamonds are artificially expensive and no one should spend so much on a ring unless their woman really wants a big rock.

Keep in mind though that she wears it until death or divorce do you part. There are a lot of factors in the decision, but a $20 ring wouldn’t cut it for anyone (unless the girl A) doesn’t care about a ring or B) doesn’t know it’s cubic zirconia). I got a lovely ring from less than 3 weeks of my husband’s salary.

3 months salary was made up be De Beers, to help them to sell more diamons.

I think you guys have missed the point. I’m buying a variety pack and taking them to Vegas! Impulse weddings FTW.

I bet more women then men buy them. If the zirconia is larger then what she’s wearing because her fiancé was cheap, she’ll wear the zirconia. Being in the jewelry business for 3 generations, I can spot them immediately but most people can’t if it’s a good zircon.


These are good for situations when you don’t want to show off the real bling, or if your work in an environment where you use your hands a lot and don’t want to take the chance of damaging your real stone/setting.

I was very young when I got married (still am actually). My mother reminded me before I purchased her ring that it’s something she’ll wear forever, and she’ll never give it back for me to change and no replacement will ever be as good as the first one. I spent at least 3 months of an engineers salary on my wifes ring. It’s the Tacori that shows up in all the magazines. I can’t say I could have bought my car with that money but it would have made a nice downpayment. We don’t live lavish lives but we’re lucky enough to have what we need and a few extras. I would still spend the money I did on her ring. She loves it and I’m very proud to see her show it off. Some things are worth it. This was one of those things.

Yes, the diamond market is inflated and the world isn’t fair. That wasn’t an excuse for her not to have exactly what she deserves. Sometimes excessive is a good thing :slight_smile:

I have an aunt that wears one of these cheap, huge rings right next to her actual engagement. I think she likes the look of the expensive looking rock. Oh the irony. And it makes me feel bad for my uncle every time I see it.

On the flip side, you should sell cheap male wedding rings. Most men don’t care how pricey theirs are. And I’d stock up on those for my husband. He already managed to straight-up break one.

These are great for pregnant women who might start to swell and not fit in their wedding sets until after the baby. 20 bucks to keep your finger from feeling naked sounds awesome to me.