White Oak Alexander Rsrv Proprietary Red (3)

White Oak Alexander Reserve Proprietary Red 3-Pack
$89.99 $179.00 50% off List Price
1 2007 Alexander Reserve Proprietary Red, Alexander Valley
2 2008 Alexander Reserve Proprietary Red, Alexander Valley
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Its been awhile since White Oaks been on woot, the Cab is a auto buy in my book.

Also an autobuy for me. Anyone had this one?

I’m a White Oak fan but these are a little pricier. Would love to get cabs or merlot again. Need more input on the wines offered today.

Broken record time… historically an auto-buy for me on their lesser offerings, but at this price point I would sure like a little more discussion before I pull the trigger. No CT notes either… (not that I trust them that much but still).

Seems like a nice bdx style blend, pre-aged for you already at $20 off per bottle with shipping. I don’t see how you could go wrong with these. I’m not sure how they would stack up to say a victory but the woot price is a bit less so it’s a good gamble. Any rats out there?

I can’t resist - in for one.

I consider CT to be close to useless.

Edit… the Cab “and Merlot”

Very glad to have White Oak back. in my book this is a great way to jump up a category without paying too much.

I have not had this wine, but if you like BDX blends, this seems like a pretty easy buy, IMO. Nicely aged, excellent producer, and cheaper than most of the similarly styled wines available (for current releases).

I like this offer quite a bit. Not that my opinion means much, of course. :slight_smile:

It is, however, still ~$30+/btl…
And lacking notes still a flyer,
but likely a good one.

I too am liking the blend.

True. The price has me not buying today simply because my wine budget is already blown. Otherwise I’d be in in this…

When I saw the bottle I was ready to pull the trigger. It has been far too long since White Oak made an appearance on Wine.woot Unfortunately the pice point is too steep to “take a leap of faith and try it”.

We took a chance on the Cab, and found it to be oh so wonderful, but the price point was more in lines with a Pedroncelli for the Cab (and Merlot). I need to bow out on this one, just a little too pricey for never having had it.

Mixed feelings here too – the White Oak cab was a hidden gem and made my little black book to BUY BUY BUY next time around – leap of faith on this – the brain says YES the wallet says NO – next time

We tasted the 2006 vintage when we were in Napa a couple of years ago. I believe 2007 and 2008 are better wine years. It was $50 at that time. As mentioned in the link, it is a Cab/Merlot/Cab Franc blend. My notes in my DeLong book were: deep ruby color, clear. Moderate aroma, some age on the nose. Dry, medium body, crisp acidity, medium round tannins, fair alcohol balance, moderate flavor intensity, with a medium finish (4-5 seconds). One of my tasting partners noted that the Merlot flavor is hidden and you can’t really taste it. we didn’t purchase any but we were focused on purchasing the last two bottles of Old Vine Zin before anyone else got them (we made the mistake of visiting during barrel tasting weekend). My impression of White Oak is that they are a great winery, and we would go back to taste again the next time we are in Napa. Sadly, the ambiance in the tasting room really affects how the wines taste in my experience, so even though I don’t have stellar things to say, I do remember the crush of the room at the time and I didn’t write anything bad, so that says a lot too.