White Oak Vineyards 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

White Oak Vineyards 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 White Oak Vineyards 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offers:

$30 on the vineyard website for the 2007.

EDIT TO ADD: previous deal discussion

I’d be on this like white on rice if it was the 2007!

Bummer…no more woot-off. Soothed my wounds by hitting that big button and grabbing the first sucker title. I can always use a little more Cab. laying around. :wink:

No Tennessee on the list again? Am I missing something? :frowning:

Oh… this is the winery that sold the Sauvignon Blanc previously… I think I already drank 11 of the case I got that time and it was pretty good, especially for the price.

Has anyone had the Cab?

I’ve had the '07 cab and it was solid for the listed $30 price. I don’t remember the deets, but I remember it being well balanced, fruit forward but not over extracted.

This '06 probably won’t be as fruit driven, though, is my guess.

All right, in for two! And if the Woot gods are watching, available for lab rat duties tomorrow. :slight_smile:

(yes, I realize saying that removes any possibility of being chosen as one, but still)


Lab Rat SpecVic reporting in:

White Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
7% Merlot 3% Cab Franc
Having a bottle of wine delivered to Phoenix at a perfect temperature in July is nearly impossible…but wine.woot made it happen! A great way to start the day.
Well, lets get right down to it…. I let it sit in my wine fridge-a-madjiggy (63 degrees) for the afternoon and decanted it for about 30 minutes before enjoying. The alcohol is at 14.5% and was noticeable in the nose. My first taste was dark red fruit and cassis (more cassis than fruit). The tannins aren’t too harsh and linger…which I like. I don’t like to feel like I’m chewing on the barrel but I like to know I’m drinking wine. On the lingering finish, I got plum and black cherry. The alcohol makes its presence known on the nose and finish only… and its gone quickly on the finish to let you enjoy the rest. With some salami and crackers it hit the spot this afternoon.
I really enjoyed how this wine stuck around with the plum and cherry but wasn’t fruit forward at all. I would buy it at a $20-25 retail price point. A good deal at this price for sure.

SpecVic Out!

According to the winemaker in the previous posting in march these are able to be laid down for up to five years. There was no clarification as to the prime drinking window though. I hope we get some participation again this time around. Still on the fence. Anyone have good or bad experiences with the Cab last time around?

I know that I have purchased white oak wines previously and it was memorable enough for me to say that it is a no brainer. Very nice wine for the price point that it is…thanks woot.

Jumping in for one, if only because my cellar is getting empty and I need an affordable Cab to get me by.

When the winery / winemaker shows up…

Can we please have the details regarding this fruit & wine, pH & brix at harvest in particular

Holding out for this info as well…!

Side note: just got my Jana Cathedral in the mail yesterday. Woohoo for first WINE WOOT EVA! =D

I can tell you right now that you folks are going to make me get a second job…!

I’ll go find him! I hear clinking around in the cellar. I think he’s cold stabilizing our 2010 Chardonnay.

Our winemaker Parker Will be with you shortly. He’s blending our 2010 Russain River Chardonnay right now.
Wonder why the Vintner voice mail we recorded isn’t showing up with our offer. Anyone there at Wine Woot there to help us with that? We recorded it yesterday at 10am.

The vnyd sources for this wine was Chiles Valley @ 1600 ft elevation above the east side of Napa Valley proper and also from Wooden Valley that lies esat of the town of Napa. Average brix and pH @ harvest were 24.6 brix and a 3.68 pH. When I taste this wine I think of comfort food or in this case “comfort cab” not as much fruit as the 07, but quite rich and satisfying on the palate.If I didn’t already have this wine in my cellar, I would buy some.

This wine as I mentioned before is good to go a 5 years. It’s birthday is coming up in October 2011. 5 candles on the cask. I had a bottle with dinner last night and it was drinking perfectly.

I’m in for 1. Considered buying 2 or 3, but this’ll be my first summertime WW delivery here in Washington DC (where it has been deeeeesgustingly hot lately), so I figured I’d hedge my bets with a small order this time.

Consider this an audition, WW! :wink: I’ll be back for a lot more if this batch gets to me uncooked!