White Oak Vineyards Aged Syrah (4)

White Oak Vineyards & Winery Aged Syrah 4-Pack
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2008 White Oak Vineyards & Winery Syrah, Napa Valley
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I love syrah, both young and older bottles are completely in my wheel house. This bottle has a little age on it but still took some time to open up. I would describe the color as a red/garnet with fairly deep color. Its clear and free of sediment. Initially the wine had a moderate nose of blackberry, blueberry compote and a bit of oak. A nice nose but nothing to rave about.

The wine is dry and is medium/full bodied, I noted that the acidity felt a little low for my taste but that the fruit and oak usage kept it somewhat in balance. The wine does present some tannins, I would call them medium and are drying but also leave a rounded feeling in the mouth. The same fruit notes came through on the tongue as what I got in the nose but a got a lot more oak. With food the acidity seemed the come up a bit and became more noticeable and oakiness faded.

I stored the 2nd 1/2 of this in a 375ml under screw cap and came back to it a week later. The oak was reduced substantially but the tannins were still there. Fruit blossomed a bit and the wine took on a meatier quality, which was what I was looking for with this wine. I much preferred this wine this time around and if I were to purchase I would note that it needs a stiff decant to open up.

Recommended and I think syrah lovers will enjoy this.

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Hey! We tasted this at the gathering at losthiwayz’ place! My notes are sparse, but I thought this was the second-best of the samplers we got for that occasion. I noted a nose of olives and meat with some dark fruit. The palate was rather oaky with a lot of vanilla and tannin. The finish was long and had a slight bitterness at the end. This one opened up fairly well after an hour or so, and went to nearly the top of the heap for my tastes. $15/bottle is a pretty solid QPR for this one. Drink a bottle every 6-12 months until it hits your preferred sweet spot.

I second Klez’ notes except that I had it as the best. Bottle of the 6 we ratted that night. This. Bottle was drinking perfectly with alcohol, tannins, fruit, and acidity in perfect balance. This has the classic syrah meat/bacon/green olives nose I love. It drank very smooth and was an elgant expression of Sonoma Syrahs. White Oak has never failed me. As a point of reference for past woot offers, I have enjoyed the r merlo and mclean syrahs though I leaned more towards the r merlo because a bit less cloying and more terroir driven. I PREFER THIS TO THOSE TWO. $15 delivered is off the hook qpr imo.

Edit: $26 on their site.

This wine is delicious. Had it at the last So Cal gathering. $15/btl delivered puts this squarely in the QPR zone. Really solid Syrah with some nice age with a while to go. El yummo.

Where does this fall on the El Yummo scale? Possibly an 8 El Yummo’s? :wink:

Solid 8 el yummos for sure.

Off topic, but WOW! Woot can ship to Georgia again! I wish someone would have sent me a note. Been gone for over a year.

White Oak Cab and Merlot is an auto buy for me, I’ll bet this is good stuff also

I crank through syrah and pinots. So any local splits on this?

I would love for the El Yummo scale to the official wine.woot review scoring scale. It’s completely perfect.

Pretty sure el yummo has already been trademarked…you guys are watching too much daytime TV :slight_smile:

This stuff sounds really good. A couple syrahs that have appeared on here that SWMBO and I are enormous fans of are the Wellington Syrah and Ty Caton Ballfield Syrah.

From those who have had this, any thoughts on whether/how this is comparable/different?

I didn’t care for the ballfield syrah but it was only one vintage and it was awhile ago so no details.

I can compare it directly to wellington England crest syrah, the white oak is a bit more oak and less acid. Otherwise they are similar.

What are you going on about?

Not sure, he accuses us of watching to much day time tv but he is the only one who gets the reference…

This has more red fruit where wellington is a bit more restarined in that department and is closer to darker berries. White Oak is a bit. Righter and meatier. I adtually prefer this one though Wellington is an autobuy for me as well. Oh, and Wellington a tad more tannic (drying) whreas this one is smoother on the tannin dept. Sorry all iver the place getting ready for my nap!

I am game. Looking to go in for two. Can let go of two bottles.