White Oak Vineyards Aged Syrah (4)

White Oak Vineyards & Winery Aged Syrah 4-Pack
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2008 White Oak Vineyards & Winery Syrah, Napa Valley
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My notes for this wine from the dec. 22nd offer.

I love syrah, both young and older bottles are completely in my wheel house. This bottle has a little age on it but still took some time to open up. I would describe the color as a red/garnet with fairly deep color. Its clear and free of sediment. Initially the wine had a moderate nose of blackberry, blueberry compote and a bit of oak. A nice nose but nothing to rave about.

The wine is dry and is medium/full bodied, I noted that the acidity felt a little low for my taste but that the fruit and oak usage kept it somewhat in balance. The wine does present some tannins, I would call them medium and are drying but also leave a rounded feeling in the mouth. The same fruit notes came through on the tongue as what I got in the nose but a got a lot more oak. With food the acidity seemed the come up a bit and became more noticeable and oakiness faded.

I stored the 2nd 1/2 of this in a 375ml under screw cap and came back to it a week later. The oak was reduced substantially but the tannins were still there. Fruit blossomed a bit and the wine took on a meatier quality, which was what I was looking for with this wine. I much preferred this wine this time around and if I were to purchase I would note that it needs a stiff decant to open up.

Recommended and I think syrah lovers will enjoy this.

&^(*&(! I was going to order the Gruet when I got home from taking my daughter to get ice cream. I will never, ever do that again.

That’s a bit harsh on your daughter, poor girl!