White Wedding Sauvignon Blanc (4)

White Wedding Sauvignon Blanc 4-Pack
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2013 White Wedding Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County
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Hi Everyone! A true story re: the White Wedding name to kick start our conversation. Most people think this wine’s name is an homage to the stellar Billy Idol track. And while it isn’t, I was recently able to share some White Wedding with Billy backstage and he said - with a snarl - “I freaking love it!”

How sweet is this Sauvignon Blanc?

Residual Sugar: 0.03%
should be nearly bone dry

Hi Derek, any info on which Sonoma vineyards the grapes came from for this wine?

I can’t speak to the specific vineyards as I was only personally involved in bottling this wine and not in the picking. However, I can say it is a warmer style of Sauvignon Blanc with very nice floral and spice notes and a bit of citrus and honey. Crisp acidity makes for a great chilled white, perfect for this warmer time of year.

I can’t call out the Sauv Blanc vineyard name however I can tell you that it is sourced from a relatively warm portion of the Russian River Valley appellation of Sonoma County. The vineyard resides on ancient alluvial fans of impoverished soils that contribute intense fruit character. In addition, we include 6% Chardonnay fruit from a cool climate vineyard - Abbassi Vineyard - in Sonoma Carneros, which imparts vibrant acidity and finesse.

Thanks for the info. What’s the story behind the name of the wine?
And how much new oak was used?

The name white wedding refers to the blend of two varietals. While the wine is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc (94%),it has a small percentage (6%) of Chardonnay blended in. So it is a Sauvignon Blanc with a “kiss” of Chardonnay. The Chardonnay fills in some aromatics and helps lend a bit of weight to the pallet. It’s really amazing what a small amount of a different wine can do to complete and enhance a varietal wine.

What happened to this sale?

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