White Zeppelin 2009 Chardonnay - 3 Pack

White Zeppelin 2009 Chardonnay - 3 Pack
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Condition: White
Product: 3 White Zeppelin 2009 Chardonnay

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Yay Woot Launch

what is a woot launch well heres the info your looking for LINK


Sorry WD, I’m holding out for Clark Smith’s Faux Chablis.

Right then, is this buttery oak or fresh, clean, minerally sumptuousness? Given the weather of Paso Robles, I suspect the former.

Edit: Wait wait “huge stone fruit aromas and grapefruit flavors”. Now you’re talking. Not too much oak? Can it be true? I did hear these Zeppelins did good work. When not exploding, of course.

if the whites are anywhere close to being as good as the reds this would be awesome…

besides… whites for easy summer drinking :slight_smile:

It’s not a faux Chablis; I can’t really think of an Old World counterpart, especially as this is 29 proof. I had the ‘honor’ of judging the price category just above the one where my wine was entered at the OC judging a few weeks ago, and was struck by the number of ‘grapefruit bomb’ wines (and this was in the $25+ - my retail is $20).

I do want to make a Corton-Charlemagne clone Chard, barrel fermented in French oak, but that’s a few years out.

I better describe this wine as best as I can before I pass out. It is 97% Arroyo Seco, which is medium-cool Monterey, not Paso. NO oak at all, no butter, though it’s pretty viscous.

Given my red wines (Black Zep, Vinidiction, Syrah) you would probably think this would be lower acid, higher oak, big, fleshy. Only the last two are true.

“The current vogue for unoaked wines is part economics, part fashion - and the latter hasn’t always lived up to its promise. Chardonnay is not a high-aromatic varietal, and when overcropped or picked too early to keep yields up (and taxes down) it can make a wine that is a shade on the weak side of lovely; a beautiful woman that weighs ten or twenty pounds too little.”

pssst… Richard: “…make this a standout among unoaked California Chardonnays.”

I heart the Zeppelins so far so…

[edit]: I also was just thinking today that I already drank most of my whites hiccup and Summer’s a looooong season in AZ :slight_smile:

Thank you: A quick vintner always welcome! I realised too late that the description was a fresh one and thanks for the correction on the vine location and climate!

Great to hear about your Chard’s style? Can you say more about it, and how you avoid making grapefruit bombs (and oak-butterbombs while we’re at it). Must be hard to make a Zeppelin that’s not full of dangerous high explosive…

Maybe I should shut the fup now, and answer questions . . . oh, and talk about our insane party that is now only 7 weeks away . . .

I buy, hold, and eventually drink a lot of what Stillman produces. He makes well-crafted, emminently awesome and drinkable wines. I expect this to be no different. And great price performance, especially since you can get 3 3packs shipped for $7…

I think this might be the first time I’ve “gone in for 3” on anything here…

It really was a grapefruit bomb the first week after bottling (when the wine Wootan gods tried it) but it’s come out of bottle shock with a better citrus/chard balance. The problem with the Arroyo Seco area in the past, at least to my taste, has been a sharp earthiness that fits SB and Syrah but not Chard - though it’s not hard to ‘cover’ with oak. I didn’t do that, because this was and is ‘clean’ - not in the stripped or sterile sense - just devoid o’ stink.

Party… where?!!

edit: Ah thank you, just saw your description above.

So is this a Chard which will age like some of those French ones, or is this for right now? High acid yumm, but not mouth-puckeringly sharp? How?! Maybe because It’s biiig you say. To do with the high alc? I hear purists shouting in t’background.

No butter here (malolactic fermentation) but it’s still far bigger and fatter than most (okay, very many, I hope) unoaked Chardonnays - partly because it was picked mature. Except for the Viognier addition, though, it wasn’t really a ‘fiddled-with’ wine. The Viognier is imperceptible (to me) in the nose, but adds a textural fat note to the mid palate. What over-analysis . . . no wonder I bore the hot chick winemakers when I’m sober.

Did I mention that Wet Zeppelin is only 7 weeks away?

loved the red zeppelin, want to try unoaked chard, trying to get into whites, no brainer!

We bought the Red Zeppelin and my husband loved it. He said the label alone was worth buying the wine for… so I guess I have to dig out the credit card and in for 3, to see if the white stands up to his standards

Has to be done - if you have only 3 bottles you’ll drink one and then hoard the other 2. With 9 you can enjoy a few with friends.