Whitehall Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Previous Woot

I was very interested in this woot, but no winery participation… held me back

I ditto this as well. Maybe someone who bought the previous one can chime in.

anyone looked and remember the style of this. or even tasted it?!

They did show:

Did anyone who Wooted this pop one (might have been too young)?

Based on the CT reviews, I can’t say I find myself inclined to drop $90 on this offering.

My decision is easy … no Virginia

Holding off on this in hopes of some atlas peak later…

I bought a set last time, but won’t be able to tell you about them for a couple of years…

I agree…I’m holding out for a Corison Cab offering.

Or Clif Climber, Twas…

you’d think they’d lower the price during a woot-off, since these obviously didnt sell the first time…

i guess the only purchaser-side benefit is a 2nd chance to woot

We can always wish, Ive been waiting for some to show up since the last woot off in Nov.

I’m not sure there’s going to be a Corison offer this time. It was normally maybe once a year, or every other offering when she was offering them a lot. Now she’s down to her 03 only, I suspect she doesn’t have a lot of unshiftable wines. It’s conceivable we might see an 03/04 offering, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyone drunk the 03 and found it opened up?b i have at least a case of it and it’s about time I had some…

Oh, and I got out my bottle of Kronos 2000 to taste. Wonder if anyone’s around…

We can always salivate over the 05…and the 07.

This is a one-day woot sale. BOC, police lights and now monkey.

This looks like the last wine offering.

They sold a reasaonable 253 sets. That’s not bad for a Black Tie offering with minimal winery participation. I bought a set but just received it about 10 days ago, so haven’t had a chance to open one up.

I’ve tried her '07…'03 isn’t on the same level, but I opened it during the holidays, and everyone loved it. Decanted for about 4 hrs, and it opened up a lot. I love her style of Cab.

I had the 03 a couple months ago from the NOv woot off and found it very nice to say the least, but that was the corison.