Whitehall Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Whitehall Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack
$89.99 + $5 shipping
1 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Anniversary Reserve, Napa Valley
1 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve, Napa Valley
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i guess this will go one for few hours :frowning:

I can remember no winery participation from this one. Can anyone comment who ordered this?

There was no participation from what I remember. I know someone who purchased them, but they are still cellaring. I am guessing most others haven’t opened theirs either.

I see K & L have the '05 reserve at 50% off right now for $30. Is this a deal where you get a good one if you buy a mediocre bottle to go with it?

These are INCREDIBLE wines! I bought this pair as my very first woot back in January 2011, then bought 2 pair at a previous woot off. Both of these are easily some of the best wines I’ve ever had.

Highly suggested!

In for one.

I bought one as well. Wouldn’t even think of opening for a few years.

I’d think of this one as a taking a real flyer: if you’ve got a few $$ lying around and you’re not hoarding for coming woot-off items, why not?

I’ve tasted some of their Cab before (can’t remember the year off top of my head, I think 2005) and it’s excellent. I just wish I could ship to VA or WV.

Now here’s a real black tie woot…

I have a half a case of reserves from the early 2000’s with a 99 rating…

Great stuff…

and another half case of the regular’s with a 95…

I wish they would put some of the regular cab up on this site as opposed to these “highly priced” library verticals…

Some of their regular cabs at a WOOT price would be a “REAL DEAL”


From the CT notes, the 05 seems to be the winner of the two. Hints that the 04 may be past its prime (already?) or near the end of its window.

Both had notes consistently recommending decanting for 2 hours before it opens up, so I agree with the cellaring for a few more years, but the notes on that 04 look dicey on that front. Drink it first, maybe?

$51 for the 05 and $69 for the 04.
Odd, since the notes seem to indicate that the 04 has less structure and 05 is the more enjoyed wine (I won’t say “better”)of the two.

So CT is showing $120 for the pair, and you’re getting them here for $90 for a 25% discount.

Both wines use a Vino Seal closure (not cork).

The 04 is $85 at the winery, and rated 92 WS.
The 05 is $75 at the winery.
Or a 43% discount over winery prices.

I don’t have a black-tie cab in my cellar, and not a big fan of CS, but friends are, so this will make a good holiday selection, e.g. 4th of July grilled ribeyes. In for one.

pretty amazing wines…

I disagree. A week ago I uncorked the 2004 around 10am, and poured my first glass at 7pm the same day. It was smooth as silk, and quite complex.

I have nowhere near the experience or knowledge of someone like RPM (whom I respect), but as a person who loves great wine, having tasted many poor to mediocre wines, these Whitehall Cabs are excellent and ready to drink now. I’m sure they’ll get even better with time, but I don’t have the room (or the patience) to cellar.

I’m rarely thankful for shipping restrictions, but I’m glad this one doesn’t ship to WV or I’d be explaining to my son how I drank away part of his college textbook money this semester. Credibility is important. Since he started talking about pledging a fraternity, I’ve been looking for opportunities to sneak in cautionary tales about campus binge drinking.

Everyone seems to like the '04, and tasting notes for the '05 in this thread and at Cellartracker seem pretty unanimously in disagreement with Wine Spectator’s review, which follows some positives with “if leaning a bit to the green, underripe side” and scores it an 83. I don’t think this offering is for me, but I suspect it’s considerably better than WS’s low (for them) score implies.

I went to an unrelated wine tasting the last time this came up in January.

I showed the offering to the wine director, and asked what he thought, and he said auto-buy.

I trust him, as we’re friends on and off the field as it were, so I bought without hesitation.

That being said, I haven’t opened either, so I won’t be in this time.

I have 2 bottles of 2005 Nickel & Nickel Dragonfly Vineyard Cab that I picked up on Wine Bid. Does anyone know how these will compare?

I’ve only had the 04, my 05 is still sitting.

The 04 needed some time to open up, but after about an hour in the decanter I found the wine to be very, very tasty. The first purchase was a blind buy but I’m in for one again having tried it. Haven’t had a better cab from here yet.

I sort of wish I bought less wines this wootoff so I could be in for 2-3. Very good stuff but I’ve only had 1 bottle.