Who's Door

what kind of shirt is this??? is this a tardis shirt? then its bigger on the inside. if not, why say anything … super lame shirt

“Smaller on the outside” is what did it for me. I might have a tiny (huge) crush on Jenna Louise Coleman.

Doctor Who and Monsters Inc. Smaller on the outside. Bigger on the inside. Clever all over.


OK the shirt I get, cute. But the write up. Wiffle balls? That’s related to Dr Who and Monsters Inc how? Maybe I haven’t seen enough Dr Who episodes…

It is a Monsters INC. - Doctor Who Mashup.

While more people say Bigger on the Inside, Smaller on the outside has been said a few times in the past even on the classic series but most recently by Jenna Luise Coleman as victorian clara in “the Snowmen”

I think the design is actually quite clever if simplistic. There is a clear and concise theme being conveyed. I do believe that without the text it would have made people looking at it actually piece the two references together.

For me part of what makes the graphic tees I buy so much fun is when I buy subtle shirts that don’t have text that clearly lays out what it is about.

I have to think about buying this one as I have blown 200 dollars in the last 3 months on shirts.

That being said davidmcbeth, even if you don’t personally like a design because you do not get the reference does not mean that you should just go about bashing the design. An artist worked on this graphic and put their time and energy into this and made something they are proud of. To call it totally lame because the reference is lost on you is slightly disrespectful to the artist of this design.

The write-up is definitely a bit out there. The best I could think of when reading it is that it was alluding to the Doctor Who fandom of some sort.

It does not really relate to the design in any obvious or easily recognizable way

Alright, someone’s got to say it. Knock, knock. Who’s there?

For those (like me) who haven’t watched Monsters Inc in years.

grumble - should be POLICE (PUBLIC/CALL) BOX

It’s always a little jarring to see this artist name.

This is very clever and I like both the movie and the show, but haven’t watched the movies enough to notice as much as the show.

With that said as a precursor, I liked this shirt better when I thought it was a clever take on the door of the TARDIS as viewed from the inside by the Doctor. Since he lives there and all. And the “Smaller on the Outside” just makes it even more perfect for that viewpoint. Oh whale, I have the DeLorean-TARDIS crash shirt and am infinitely happy with that.

Yay Fishbiscuit!

Not having seen Monsters Etc., the joke was lost on me, and I thought it was just a clumsy joke that would be much better as: “The parts you can’t see are much bigger (if you know what I mean)”

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The TARDIS isn’t necessarily smaller on the outside - the chameleon circuit is capable of making it appear as anything to blend in with its surroundings. Despite being very clever, the Doctor hasn’t been able to fix the circuit which broke in the first episode fifty years ago, locking it into its police box form, to the relief of the BBC’s special effects department.

YES! It printed! Thank you, thank you to everyone who voted. I can’t wait to wear this to see Monsters University. “Smaller on the outside” is a definite nod to Clara Oswin Oswald, the Doctor’s newest companion. I adore her!

Congrats fishbiscuit5!

It’s most definitely a reference to the fandom. As a member of said fandom, its actually not a bad description at all of what we’re like (especially right now, with the regeneration coming).

Though apparently someone on the writeup team really likes wiffle balls.

Weird how stuff happens sometimes. My 10 year old daughter just started Dr. Who on Netflix this morning. She LOVES Monsters Inc. and she is 65 pounds of huge personality; definitely smaller on the outside.

Thanks, Woot for this really weird set of coincidences this morning!