Who Are You?

Thank youuuu!!! I didn’t expect it at all so it’s been a really nice surprise!:D:D For those who wasn’t sure it’s Viserion, Rhaegal and Toothless! :slight_smile: (but if you’re not into GoT let’s say it’s two cute dragons and Toothless).

just wanted to pop in and say i LOVE this design! :slight_smile: great work!

Okay, so the joke is that the two GoT dragons are all “who the hell are you?” at Toothless. Got it.

I know that GoT is the big epic nerd thing that’s going right now other than Doctor Who, but I don’t have HBO and at this point I kind of have hype aversion to it.


it’s pretty unclear what the dragons reference / what the “joke” is, and even then it’s not especially funny/clever. i know the drawing’s keeping to the show’s depiction of scaled eggs, but they look somewhat like avocados.

lol @ writing off GoT as the current “big epic nerd” trend, although with all these terrible shirts going around, i can’t really blame you for thinking that.

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be GoT and HTTYD but isn’t anyone bothered by the fact that Viserion is supposed to be white and gold?

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I know that GoT is the big epic nerd thing that’s going right now other than Doctor Who,

I grew up in the USA in the 70’s, and I was the only one in my entire town who even knew what “Dr. Who.” was, so you’ll forgive me if I am a bit stuck in the past and find your statement still hard to believe. :slight_smile:

Toothless be like: