Who built this forum? It looks great!

I’m wanting my own community forum (health related community), and I really like the look and flow of this forum. Everyone is doing these communities on FB groups these days but I’d like to find an alternate to social media.

Would an admin mind sharing who created this…how might I hire someone to help me build out something similar? I’ve been messing around with my own discourse site but I’m finding it tedious to figure out all the details.

I really like how the different “rooms” are laid out.

I see this is new since about a year ago. Are members liking this new layout?


This member likes it.


I have a basic discourse site set up. I’m hoping to find someone who can help me with the design and organization…the cool chat rooms and the nice visual design I see here… was that all done in-house?

I’m just a customer, but I’ve long had a sneaking suspicion that obtaining BOCs can be so tricky that the site attracts tech folk.

What is BOC?

This forum format must not be very effective if you haven’t figured that out yet.


A BOC is a mythical creature that is rumored to exist but nobody has actually seen one. Usually one just hears about them third hand.


Hi there. As noted above, we use Discourse. Our developers worked with Discourse to get the layout done and our own UX team did the design.

You might check the Discourse forum for hints on how to get started.

If you want exactly this forum engine, just clarify how it named and you can google the guide about “How to build your own one…” I’m sure you’ll find something, vids on YT also must help if there will be tricky moments! Just prepare a little investments for the hosting/domain/server maintenance

This member does too