Who did this? And what is an appropriate come back?

Nah. That’s polite.

Real evil would be pouring cayenne pepper in the vents and changing the settings to defrost.

Alternatively you can put the Vaseline on the wipers.

OWOWOWO. Yup. I try to go only as far as I would want someone to go with me… I am pretty tame. I don’t want to hospitalize or causes monetary damage…

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Lol. No kidding.

I think the vent prank started out as confetti. The Vaseline on the wipers is crazy hard to get off. I don’t recommend it at all.

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Put stripper dust in the vents. If it didn’t hurt your eyes so badly, it would make for some hearty 'splaining when you got home… maybe.

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I love it.

The only “good” thing about the vent prank was it happened when you first started the car so you weren’t actually driving yet.

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Next time I will be more careful with my whiteboard. I have leaked enough stuff here starting with AppNarg to this new shenanigans.

I give the AppNarg a 6.7 out of 10.

I thoroughly enjoyed some aspects. The color scheme was delightful, but it was a little pitchy.

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