Who does or doesn't have a tattoo?


I don’t.

Edit: Husband and both sons do.


no tengo


None here.


Never can decide what I want, Orc and I talked about getting something together, but alas, we are both blank canvases.


i have skin art.


I’m out of the loop, is that different than a tattoo?


no tats here


pierced and heavily tatted :slight_smile: bet you all figured that one huh?


yeah…you’re strange…or so some whiny little punk arse script kiddy says.

one one


it used to be known as being a free spirit…now it’s strange! i am so damaged. lol and tainted, and and and…i have lots of money so who the f cares! :wink:


wtf is “one one”?
That should have been one tat, one piercing


Some day post a picture! We don’t need a face, just the tat you like most!


Nothing here, and I can’t ever see myself getting one, or a piercing, for that matter… i’m very pain-averse


maybe. it would be hard to decide which i like best though and then there’s the whole issue with woot and nudity you know. bet they don’t want me posting piercing photos either…lol


I don’t have any tattoos. The only piercings I have are one one each ear for my earrings.
My mom would kill me if I did any of that stuff, even though I am over 21


Nothing on my body, I don’t even have pierced ears.


rReally? Did your mom say not to pieced ears or do you not want them?
Mine have been peircd since I was little.


My mom never said anything, I don’t like unnecessary pain.
Clip on earrings are ok. Can’t find them any more. So don’t wear anything in my ears.


Same here. It’s not the pain, it just creeps me out for some reason. Every time my mom has surgery, she wants me to put her earrings back in for her and I can’t do it. shudder


I never thought it was that great to have things hanging out your ear.