Who else is an animal lover?


What web sites can we click on to help animals?


The Animal Rescue Site - Feed an Animal in Need

This one has been around for a while. There are several other tabs on the website that help fund other causes, too.


This one requires more than a click, but is a personal favourite:



A friend of mine has an animal abuse registry called “Through Their Eyes”. She runs a non-profit organization in NH to rescue cats who have been abandoned and abused, nurses them back to health and has an arrangement with a local no-kill shelter for adoption. I have been to her place and seen these cats for myself. The stories of the abused ones are so sad. But animals can be very forgiving creatures. She also went down to New Orleans with the Humane Society and helped rescue animals. Please consider donating to her, as the money does go to a good cause, and she often uses much of her own money to support these cats. You can email her for more info at noabuse@inhumane.org:


Visit www.petfinder.com to find local shelters in your area. If you have a webpage, post a banner or a link to the shelter.

One of my cats came from a no-kill cat shelter:

Another one came from a humane society:

You can also make useful non-cash donations of:
Paper Towels
Kitten Food
35 MM Film/Digital Camera (even better)
Small Towels
Garbage Bags


MissBlue and I are going to adopt a kitty here this weekend: MSPCA Cape Cod Animal Care and Adoption Center - Centerville, MA (Click ‘Our Adoptable Pet List’ at the top.)


A big shelter in the Denver, CO metro area: Denver Dumb Friends League

From the website:
When our organization was founded in 1910, it was named after a London, England, animal shelter called Our Dumb Friends League. In those days, the term ‘dumb’ was often used to refer to those who were unable to speak.

"Although the term ‘dumb’ is not generally used with that meaning today, we’ve kept our name, because it has significant recognition among Colorado residents.

“The mission statement of the Dumb Friends League includes these words: ‘speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves,’ meaning our companion animal friends.”


I’m an animal lover . . . and I don’t even live in the Middle East!