Who enjoys playing guitar hero while waiting for their woots to arrive?




if i didn’t have guitar hero in my life… i really don’t know what i’d do with myself… true story.


I understand…i havnt had a controller in 4-5 days, but i’ll have my wireless one tomorrow, the regular one broke. And the wireless one broke and is finally coming home tomorrow from RO.


Being a guitarist, I didn’t think I would ever want to play Guitar Hero. I could just pick up my own guitar and go at it… But I tried it at a store once, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Hi. My name’s intaglio. And I’m a Guitar Hero addict.


I liked it…then the playstation 3 came out…still waiting for a USB adapter.


Yep. I like to play, even if I don’t have woots to wait on.

Picked it back up last night (GH2) after not playing for several weeks. Tried passing the last few songs on expert that I still need to complete, and promptly got my butt kicked by them. Looks like it’s time to practice, practice, practice…


Only song left to 5 star on expert is misirlou…I’ll never get that secret Log guitar