Who Got the Juice?

I was hoping for juicers by the title, but no lie, gotta love a good power strip. Especially in quaint old apartments that lack sufficient outlets on their own.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you! How many things have you got plugged into power strips, and do these have enough juice to keep your gadgets going?

anyone have any experience with:

Hi Wooters,

I’m a representative from IDEATIVE and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Please mention @ideativeinc in your question to help me identify your request.


When power is turned off to the device in the Master outlet (shutting down a computer for instance), the Energy Saver outlets are automatically turned off.

The LEDs are to show the current status.
The On/Off controls the Energy Saver circuit. Off will disable it and will act as a simple surge protector, On will enable the Energy Saver functionality.

The Master outlet works well even with devices that trickle charge. It can detect whether a device is powered on versus stand by mode.

Hope this helps.

You were hoping for the Juice Loosener?


So Amazon[1] shows the plug-less USB thing as being 1A but the Woot specs[2] show .75A, which is right?

[1] http://www.amazon.com/Ideative-PP1009W-Flipit-Plug-Less-Charger/dp/B004LKRY4K
[2] http://tech.woot.com/offers/flipit-plug-less-usb-charger

Flipit! USB is 1A. It will effectivly charge most smartphones, including iPhone. iPads work best with 1.5A+ chargers like the Flipit! Travel Surge.

Although the Specs tab on the Travel Surge shows “USB Power Ports: 2 (5V / 1A)”, the features tab shows “Two USB charger ports (1.5A), perfect for mobile phones and MP3 players”.
/Edit: Which is to say, the specs page seem to be a bit suspect here, don’t know who is responsible for that.

Would totally get the Surge, but it won’t fit in the place I want to use it (not for traveling, that is). Have an old house (1939) and outlets are scarce. Have a half-light switch outlet for which I’d love to use it but the light switch is on top.

The plugless charger, though, is an awesome idea and will help me utilize existing outlets more effectively.

Great catch! Flipit! Travel Surge is 1.5A total shared among the two USB ports. This allows it to charge both an iPad and an iPhone simultaneously.

Can you charge a Blackberry (Bold, in particular) using a USB cable with Travel Surge model? The trouble is some USB Chargers do not charge 'berries.

I don’t have a Blackberry, but I don’t know any reason why the Travel Surge wouldn’t charge it. Some cheaper USB chargers only deliver 500 mA of power, so perhaps that isn’t enough for the Bold. Flipit! Travel Surge delivers up to 1.5 A of power, so shouldn’t be a problem.

If you want to see how Socket Sense or Flipit! products work, checkout the videos on their Facebook pages:

If I have a USB cable plugged into one of the USB ports but no device plugged into the end of the cable will I still be drawing power?

I’ve always heard that I should unplug my AC-DC power converters because they draw power even when no device is plugged in, if I could just leave the USB cords plugged in and not draw power until a device is connected that would make me feel like I was conserving electricity and thereby being less of an environmental problem.

You are correct that the AC/DC adapters draw power even if nothing plugged at the other end. It is a very minor amount of energy, but multiple converters can add up. When using either Flipit! products, having an unattached device cable plugged in makes no difference (same as AC/DC converters), but Flipit! Travel Surge has two ports, while drawing the same phantom current as a single AC/DC adapter.

Perfect, I actually need 2 surge protectors for a project I’m working on.

I do have a question though, does the SmartSurge 8 Outlet protector have screw mounts on the back? I need to mount them under a computer desk.

Thank you!

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Love the sliding surge. Bought some during a woot-off quite a while back and am glad to see I have a chance to get more of them.

Yes, there are four screw mounting holes on the back of the 8-Outlet SMART Surge. Here is a link to a photo:

As you’ve described, I would suggest one of the following:
(1) Plug TV into the Master outlet and cable box into the Always On outlet. The cable box will not be powered off and therefore will work fine. The TV will control all items plugged into the Energy Saver outlets.
(2) Plug the cable box into the Master outlet and the TV into one of the Energy Saver outlets. When you “turn off” the cable box (put in stand-by mode) this will power off the TV. This will not work well for some TVs because of resetting channels, volume, etc.
I personally use option 1 with my DirecTV setup.