Who has been going to this site the longest?


how long have you been a member of the WOOT! comunity?


not me


Not me.


me either.


sure isn’t me


And it isn’t I.


sure isn’t me…


Oh no, not me, I never lost control.


http://www.woot.com/Forums/User/ForumMembers.aspx Change the view to “Date Joined”…“Ascending”. If you were to change your subject line to “Charter Members Check in Here”, you might get some of the first purchasers, who got certificates w/ a Charter Member # that I’m sure they have proudly displayed w/ all their diplomas.


As for me, I found woot in Oct 2004, but since I’d only been online for six months, I was a little intimidated and lurked for a while. Once I registered, it quickly became my favourite online community, though I preferred the atmosphere of woot1.0 (Shhhh, that’s a secret.) BC4L!!


I agree about the atmosphere, but there’s too many posters now. Couldn’t recreate that even if we tried.


The price of popularity and success . . .


whaaaaaaaa? you’d only been online 6 months at that point? you learned your way about the internet reeeeeeaaaaaally fast then… i figured you were an old hand at this the way you help out newbies…


She went the Wootiversity


hey, i win something!


All wooters win just by being wooters!


I’m sorry Snapster. Employees and their families are not permitted to win. [:’(] I hope you’re not too upset. It was just gonna be an anne geddes calendar anyway! [;)]


Granddaddy Woot has been wooting since long, long ago.


Except woot has been around for less than 2 years… [:o]


Feels longer.


I agree with that.

Besides Snapster, I think I’m the longest wooter… at least to post so… [;)]

Has anyone noticed that if you joined on May 2, it states that it was even a Monday? Just thought that was kind of odd.