Who has voted?

No politics here…don’t have to tell you voted for. This is just a place to come in and say “I voted!” and maybe tell your experience.

I voted during my lunch. I have a relatively obscure polling place, so I was able to walk right in, no line at all! :slight_smile:

I voted around 11. No wait.

Hubby and I voted after work last Monday at early voting. No wait.

I voted two weeks ago with hubs. No wait.

I don’t think my state does early voting. This was the first year I’d even heard of it. lol

Hope you don’t mind me chiming in.

I went before work and was at the polls by 7:10 and it took just over an hour. The ones that got through right away were there by 6:30! We definitely do not have early voting here.

I voted before I went to work this morning - took about 30 minutes waiting in lines. I heard that the ballot machine had been broken earlier in the morning, but they had gotten it fixed by the time I got there. They did, however, run out of the “I voted” stickers while I was there - I didn’t get one. :frowning: Oh well, there’s no Chick-fil-a’s, Starbucks, or Krispy Kreme’s around here.

…let me get this straight. you “did it” with hubs in a voting booth. got to admit that’s something we’ve never done.

I’m limber!

I voted last week. Oregon doesn’t have polls to go to. We use mail in ballots… and we have drop points in case you don’t mail them in time.

In fact, this is only my 3rd presidential election… and I’ve never gone to a poll. I’ve always had mail in ballots.

I voted in Upstate NY with no wait at about 7:30 this morning. My father voted at 6:15, and was the 15th person in line at his retirement community.

It’s all going very smoothly locally.

My son accompanied me into the booth, and I realized mid-process that the next time he stands in a voting booth for a presidential election, he will be pulling his own levers. (He’s 14)

I early voted last Tuesday. No waiting! Wonder if Starbucks would give free coffee with my voter registration card? It’s stamped that I voted. :slight_smile:

No levers here . . . We color in the circles, reminiscent of taking a SAT or some similar test.

If he’s 14, he’s probably pulling his own ‘lever’ already.

I believe you can be asked to leave the polling site if you attempt to “vote for yourself” while in the booth.

Luckily, the curtain that closes is pretty tight, but you are limited to 90 seconds in the booth before they’ll snap it open for you.


Cool! We had an article in our local paper about how today was the 18th birthday of a guy and that he and his father were voting together. :slight_smile:

I’ve never pulled a lever to vote. In this county, we fill in bubbles. In the county I used to live in, we “completed the line”.

Our voting machines will reset after 2 minutes of inaction, but there’s a button to push that resumes without losing your settings. Apparently we can stay as long as we like, as long as we do something every 2 minutes.


The levers are great. Kind of a satisfying sound they make when you flip them, and you can continue to make changes until you pull the big handle (see pic above) and open the curtain, locking in your vote. And the big handle makes a great noise as it closes and opens. Makes you feel like you really voted!

That sounds nice. . .

I’ll be joining Sniffer and millions of others coloring in my circles in about an hour or so (gonna try to miss the lunch crowd). I was going to go this morning, but the kids slept in and I have to take them with.

I feel like I voted once I feed my ballot into the machine and see the number of ballots increase by 1. :slight_smile: