Who is Brian?



I want to make a comment about the Life of Brian but I can’t complete the thought

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Brian Bezos!

Hey…you live next door!?


No way. I’m not buying it.

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Steve Carelle?

Are you selling paper now Brian?


Data’s eyes? From star trek?

yes Steve with data’s eyes

Haven’t decided if he is on Rollerblades or a Segway.

Hello, here is a socially distanced :hug:
And socially distanced hugs for all!

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Send me 0.01% of your net worth and I’ll believe you.

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And all this time, I thought Brian was the one modeling the face mask!

Is this your mask? Take it off, take it off.

An earlier photo of Brain.

Wowwweeezee! Who is Brian!! The world may never know!

Who the beep is this? Going bald early must suck. Are you sure your not related to Mr. Clean? How much would it cost me to receive a 50 gallon drum full of Magic Erasers? So many questions so little time.

The founder or Amazon Brian Bezos, I believe.