Who Is Remotely Controlling Whom?

There is an Android app that might work with this Heli:


It appears this company makes most of the controllers for the various companies that use this IR transmitter:


VROOOM WHIRRR CRASH, that’s pretty much me with any RC toy. Who has one of these? Being on sellout, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these come around before…

Ok, we have some of the RC car double packs. I got one for my husband to use as cat toys - one of the cars wound up going home with my brother-in-law for him to use to play with his dogs. The cats love it!

The second pack we gave to the kids (4 and 6). They beat the cars up over this past weekend - one didn’t quite make it out alive. However, they took quite a lot of abuse. For the price, it is a great gift for a kid to learn on or to be allowed to be reckless with (drive it off the porch and crash into the driveway from 3 feet away). And they are fun to play with the kitties.

My cat will be delighted to hear this!

the lambo looks like someone wrecked it and the owner didn’t have enough money to get the doors painted yet

I picked up the red & yellow RC cars over the summer as a gift for my little nephew. We had a blast playing with them out in the garage, racing 'em around, doing donuts, and just generally having fun. They work pretty good, the controls are decent. For the price, I can’t complain. Spent more on the batteries than I did on the cars, but the smile on my nephew’s face was worth it.

I highly recommend the red & yellow car set. I bought 2 sets earlier this year. I’ve been happily impressed with the speed, durability, and battery life; especially for how little they cost. If I didn’t have two working sets, I would buy more.

The buttons on the controllers work better for little kids than the normal sticks do. I was hanging out with the family this weekend, and my son and my nephew (Both 3.5 yrs) were happily playing with these things for 90 minutes before we stopped to eat.

One thing I’ve found is when these crash into a wall at full speed the battery door pops open and a battery comes loose. A little bit of masking or painters tape fixes this.

These work well on hard surfaces or short carpet, but can get stuck on rugs, thick carpet, or other obstacles.

Any idea what scale these cars are?
I have friends with O gauge train layouts so I am am always on the lookout for 1/43 to 1/50 ish scale vehicles. R/C is just a bonus.

Also can these be driven any speed other than wide open?
Most R/C cars are geared like racecars. That is fine most of the time but not so good if you are tooling around a train layout.

Any one remember “Remote Controlled” cars? They had the wire from the car to the controller.

How about the 2 function R/C cars? You could go in a straight line forward and turn one direction backwards. I still remember the R/C Buggy I got one year at WalMart the day after Thanksgiving that was like that. I had had a Porsche 944 that went forwards until you pressed the button then it turned backwards. The buggy from WalMart was the opposite. You pushed the joystick forward and the car went forward. If you released the car turned backward. Note on both cars that Stop was not an option. You had to chase the car down and pick it up.
BTW this was back when Wal*Mart did not sell gas or food but they did give out free coffee and donuts to the few hearty souls that made it out at 6 am Black Friday morning. Now they almost have to call out the National Guard to manage the crowds and they don’t need to open early, they hardly ever close.

I always thought I would be older before I had “back in my day” stories.