Who likes port?

A few years ago, we moved into a house and discovered some random bottles of sherry, port & whiskey. Not being port drinkers, we never did anything with them, but now we are looking to clear room for something in which we are interested.

Anyone want to make any offers/trades for the following?

  • Churchill’s NV Finest Vintage Character Port (looks like an older label)
  • Churchill’s 1986 Crusted Port
  • Churchill’s 1984 Crusted Port
  • Churchill’s 1982 Vintage Port

We are located in SE Michigan and really just want a good home for these wines. The bottles are overall in decent shape. The 82 has a bit of seepage and the 84 is missing a good chunk of its label.

Did you also post this in the World of Woot Wine forum? They may be interested.

Any port in a storm!

Unless it’s starboard.

I love port. But only the good stuff. The older the better.

Port Out; Starboard Home!!

Yes, you are in the wrong place!
The wine people can read this, which is how you found it, but most don’t read ebw.

If you haven’t already, post this in the world of woot wine.

Wow!! You sounded almost like a vol mod for a second!!



sadly, port doesn’t age in the bottle, only in the barrel. I’m sure I read that somewhere.

I believe that’s true for most distilled, pressed, and brewed beverages.

You can age port, but it depends on the conditions of the bottle, whether it has a cork, and leaving it on its side for years.

But it takes years. Decades even, for it to mature.

What do you drink while it is maturing?


Good inexpensive wine. I personally like white bordeaux- they’re underappreciated but very tasty. My other favorites:

Marechal foch. Specialty of the Finger Lakes in NY, with the best being Prejean.

I’ve got an Amarone aging right now for 8 years. Can’t wait to taste that in a few years.

Also like a good Pinot Noir.