Who Needs Cable?

Anyone try one of these? Are they factory reconditioned or 3rd party? What condition do they arrive in? Are all parts there?

I grabbed one about a year ago and it works great. A lot of the good streaming content requires either a subscription (Netflix) or a log in showing you subscribe to cable. Once you get that you’ll be in good shape.

I purchased 2 of the Roku 3 devices last week and they arrived well packed in a brown box. They look like brand new and seem to work just fine. Even included instructions and batteries for the remote and purple ear-phones (appeared to be new). I was streaming several channels successfully.

Thanks tenderfoot. I ordered one. I’ll post how it turns out.

Anyone else notice the time on the TV picture says 4:20. LOL

Through the years I’ve bought three of the older models from WOOT…all refurbished…and have had no problems with any of them. I’m saving hundreds of dollars a year not having cable to satellite. Netflix / Amazon Prime /Hulu plus and I’m a happy camper.