Who needs fireworks? "Legends of the Ring" Apparel!

Who needs fireworks? "Legends of the Ring" Apparel!

The only legend on this drawing is Andre. The rest of them are just talking heads.

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Yes… But the intertainment was awesome

All fake entertainment I grew out of roughly 20 yrs ago when I said no to drugs. Not to say all people who watch it do them but it certainly makes it seem more realistic.

maybe technology was to blame as well since late 90s tube tvs were becoming extinct and flat panels with digital picture quality were the norm.

Well, you know Mean Gene — then why the hell is the Hulkster on top! You know there’s nothin but red, white n blue pumpin through these 24 inch PYTHONS on the 4th of July!!!

Come on what happened to thejimmy superfly snukaand The Iron Sheik…

Snuka landed firmly in the “we don’t talk about him anymore” category, like Benoit.

I miss the old wizard… Now I’m gonna go way back… Bruno Samartino… Batman… George The Animal Steel!!! :joy:

Looked so real back in the black a white TV days.

If the shirt had Rowdy Roddy Piper I’d be in for ten!