Who Needs Gravity?

It amuses me that one of the figures looks like Harry Potter…

Fortunately, my torso is made of several overlapping dimensions as well.

I like the phone booth placement and that the stairs seem to form a heart shape.

This was my favorite scene in Inception.

This is that paradox stair thing, right?

on first glance I thought it was a bunch of penguins. A Pavlovian response I guess.

Why does the 4th look like a creepy clown?


Not really related but my brain has just put on a seemingly endless loop of “Who’s On First”

Now THIS reminds me of Labyrinth. And wouldn’t you need gravity to stay on the stairs? It probably wouldn’t be Newtonian gravity, though.

I like the staircase design and the phone booth placement but the characters in the shirt are too cheesy.

But does it have pockets?

Escher was one crazy dude.

No love for Colin Baker, even on woot.

We just need David Bowie! “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you!”


Appropriate, considering “Inception” won four Oscars a few hours ago.

I know just enough about the reference to know that I don’t actually get the reference.

Torn! I’m a huge Whovian, but I despise the cartoony depictions. Tell my why I should change my mind.

Ah, yes!

This will look great on my scarecrows.