Who should push on weekends?

Steve, because it’s always h i l a r i o u s when devs have to push on weekends.

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This live poll is probably going to crash the woot servers…

A pointless push for Katie to push on the weekends? Inconceivable!

My bad: far from pointless!!

You guys are missing an opportunity with Greg! Vote Greg!! :smile: #Greg4Push


Right?!? Like, why would anyone choose anything/anyone else?!? :open_mouth:

Unsubscribe :wink:

Heyyy Greeeg, one of us. One of us. One of us.

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Give us Greg!

Notice how Katie from shipping is the option not that Kathleen from Q/A. Kathleen played all dumb that their wasnt as Katie from shipping. This means Katie does exist and Kathleen was an usurper (aka dark lord). Guess will need to vote for Katie to keep that Katie, Brian, and Kathleen saga going.

As a dev I want to hear from Steve!! Let poor Katie live her life in shipping in peace.

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My theory is Brian giving up on pointless pushes is due to Kathleen’s influences. So backing and building up Katie to fight back Kathleen may get Brian back to the original Brian.

Have a rotating weekend schedule?

I was hoping you would be one of the options, TT!


It would be funny if all those people were really Brian.

Just spitballing here… my name is Brian… could be a seamless transition, and I’ll work for crap


Never thought of Brian as a quitter but he proved us all wrong. Katie this is all your fault! Why can’t you just love Brian?!?!

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We need someone to keep us up to date with office happenings since most are at home now.

NOOO!! Brian stay with us :cry: