Who thinks Woot should do a free item everyday site?

The site would basically give away 1 item everyday for free to users, all they would have to do is simply comment on the item and they randomly choose a winner. The site could be like free.woot.com, just like the other sites (shirt.woot, wine.woot, etc). I think this will draw more interest for members to buy things. Anyone think this is a good idea? An example would be something like http://www.anyluckyday.com where they give away something free everyday and they choose a winner in the blog comments.

woot wouldn’t even need to give out a prize. there are lots of people out there who would just post every day, even without a prize. all woot would have to do is set up some forums, with freely available bulletin board code, perhaps modified/customized a little. i bet some of the more active posters could even be persuaded to police the forum themselves on a volunteer basis.

Sure, but giving away 1 free item everyday would draw even more attention to the woot brand.

Just thought of this. they could even do a wootoff type thing giving away free stuff every X minutes after a certain amount of comments is reached.

Did you hit your head alot as a kid? Woot does not need to give anything free away… All they need to say is buy this… and we do it.

Comments like this make me wish school didn’t take so much of my time.

Brilliant idea, no1. I hope Woot is paying attention, because this is a solid gold idea. You’d think they’d have already set up something like this too. Genius. :slight_smile:

Who thinks eHalcyon should have a shirt printed every week?

Me me me!!! :slight_smile:

not only that, they could even let people spam their site by posting links to other sites without being put on probation or banned for it.

That’s what I’m saying! A Woot site giving away one free item daily would certainly grow immensely large in only a few days.