Who Turned Out The Lights

AAAAAAAA!!! Hide your kids, hide your wife!!! it’s VASHTA NERADA!!!

In space no one can hear you scream.

Great shirt, sad episode.

Snazzy. Creepy. And had to look it up.

Whoa! Creepy like Crying Angels. Stay away from the shadows!

I think you mean Weeping Angels. :wink:

I really want to order this, but I already have so many Doctor Who shirts that even my Whovian friends tease me about it.

Wait for the knocks…

Moffat has been very restrained with the Vashta Nerada. Just that one appearance over six years ago.

Time to be afraid of the dark again soon, I hope.

Every time I don’t get it, I’m relieved to learn it’s Doctor Who. That’s fine with me.

well executed, lovin the glow in the dark :smiley:

I want to cry a little (a lot). Great shirt - I’m terrified.

I don’t know whether to be pleased or horrified I knew exactly what it was the minute I saw it. . .

I suppose that’s a testament to the excellence of the reference material. Yeah. Lets go with that.

I get it now! It’s a reference to the game of Clue.

I accuse Dr. Riversong in the Library with a Shadow.

I’ve been waiting for someone to design this reference well enough for it to be printed! Great props to the artist!

Also, darn you woot for selling this after I promised myself no more woot for the rest of the month >.< Looks like I’ll be breaking that promise.

You have to be a true Whovian to get this one, right down to the “Y.A.A.A. has left the library”.

The double shadow is fantastic touch. Kudos to the artist for a simple, yet great execution of a chilling reference.

Might as well just do it already. DrWho.shirt.woot. At least then I’ll know not to bother looking… Hell, all it’s missing is a cute little fox.

great idea (the fox).

Thanks for the compliments guys (and gals)!

And thank you woot for my first (and hopefully not last!) print!