Who wants Black Friday Crap?

Who wants Black Friday Crap?
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Nov 29 to Monday, Dec 04) + transit
Condition: Ho Ho Ho Crappy


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Did you miss it? Here are some Crappy Tips

1. Stay Logged In - When the current item reaches 5%, log out of woot and log back in to keep your session fresh
2. Keep your cart clean - Clear out any sold out items from your cart
3. Use WootStalker - It significantly increases your chances

How asinine as usual. I’m hitting refresh constantly, sold out 1st load.

Got it! My Black Friday is now extra dark!

wow, that one didn’t last a full second. I was refreshing like mad and it was sold out before it loaded…

wow it sold out fast lol. page didnt show up and already sold out… think i broke my F5 key

I almost changed my mind, hesitated for a few seconds, and still got one. Heh.

right on top of it but fell victim to the logged out situation, even though I refreshed the login about 5 minutes earlier. Oh well. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

The right place at the right time. I got one!

I kept hitting refresh and it was sold out when the screen came up- WTH!!!

Well that was a load of crap.

But I got one. Woo hoo! Got it off a Twitter link so I held no hope.

They almost always do. :slight_smile:

Well if your goal is to alienate instead of tempt customers, congrats

Hit “I want one” at %78 left, then in verstibles chamber (Idk how to spell) snagged out of cart right before I place order D=

Dang, I wasn’t even logged in and still managed to snag one. This is my only Black Friday purchase, so maybe karma was on my side?

Rat Farts!

True but most times i see it at 99% left before sold out lol

And now shipping is free on your next orders through Monday.

Very confusing today… They are not even showing up on the regular holiday page. I watched the community page and sadly made it out of the VOP but lost it during checkout. :frowning: Went back to Holiday and it still showed the laptop. Cruel cruel Black Friday …

After years of casually trying I just got my first bandolier ever! Trying to explain this achievement to my family. Not sure they understand the momentousness of this occasion.