Who Wants HP??

I snagged this. Specs were better than the touchscreen version woot offered at the same time, and only $30 more. Better graphics and bigger hard drive I’ll take over a touchscreen any day.

Pretty great price for this laptop.

I will say though that this is a pretty basic laptop. Not allot of features you see in newer laptops. No fingerprint scanner, no keyboard lights (not even ones for the numlock,capslock,etc)

If you’re planning on swapping out the hard-drive with an SSD, I have one thing to say to you. RTFM. Seriously. There is no easy way to access the hard drive in these. You have to take out about 15 screws from the back, along with some hidden screws. Then flip it over and pry under the upper keyboard bezel. It’s kind of a nightmare. Be careful!

Other than that, they’re great looking and simple laptops. 2 USB3 and an HDMI port on the left. 1 USB2 on the right.

Screen and resolution look good.

Now made up the money to buy the HP Envy Laptop all sold out man really disappointed any more any time soon