Who Wants to Live Forever? Jersey Zip Hoodie



Just got this and it’s very disappointing. It’s not actually a hoodie at all; it’s not even vaguely a sweatshirt. It’s so thin that I’d almost call it a zip-up T-shirt, except that it’s even thinner material than any T-shirt I own. It’s as far away from a “hooded sweatshirt” as you can possibly get - it feels more like an undershirt from a $1 dump bin at a big-box store’s clearance. I shudder in fear at the thought of having to wash it for the first time because I’m afraid it will disintegrate.

I still love the design, but the actual product feels cheap and crummy. Selling this as a “hoodie” feels extremely deceptive.


The Jersey hoodies are a lightweight material by design. They’re good for cool days and nights.