Whoa Baby Duke! That's a lot of Crap!

First! j/k I got mine Monday. lol

First that got one! Yay!!!

Yup. In on this one

Finally got one!

got that one! Woohoo! Oh, I mean, awwww nuts.

It only took me 7 years but I finally go a bag of crap, I hope it doesn’t stink.

Yesss! I found a home for basically everything from my last box in April (also my first box) and it made me look like a nice guy who shares. So disappointing.

It will stink.

There you are! I was thinking you took the night off.

btw, got one!


Nope, I’m here. Just busy, busy, busy.

Busy putting letters in boxes, I hope!


Dang it!!

I don’t know why I have been so obsessed with these boxes of crap this week! Woot already sent me a Chanel WOC and a Gucci bag this month so I should be happy with my happiness and not seek out the disappointment. I blame you guys on this forum. And Woot.

meh. Another Crap… Is that too much enthusiasm? Perhaps it will have another speakerdock. The last one was awesome. I mean I can hope can’t I?

You can hope for disappointment!

I can’t even figure out where I’m supposed to be F5n.

They’re popping up all over home.woot.

Sometimes as banner on the page.
Sometimes as it’s own Plus event.
And sometimes inside an existing Plus event.

I’m evil like that.

I’m not sure I like you anymore.

(And your “it’s” shouldn’t have an apostrophe. So there.)