Whoa! Did I actually say that, or just think it?


Ugh…would wiseman please stop creating these asinine threads to nowhere? If nobody finds him interesting in any other thread, does he think he’ll be more interesting in his own?



/raises eyebrow/


Ooohhh, I wish I could do that. Either they both go up or I discover I’m tilting my head.


Son could do that at birth. It was funny to see.



Not to point out the obvious…



What’s slightly rarer is that I can raise either eyebrow.



I’ve got a 2.7 lb crap coming.


That had to be a hijacking record.


Well, head for the restroom now!


It is actually due to arrive on my b-day.


What was the original topic?


A creative outlet for saying what we’re thinking, but not having to suffer the consequences, due to the remote possibility that it was just a thought.



“Gee, I wish those welders in the contest thread would get off their high horse(s). I’ll put two spaces (hell, twenty spaces) after the period if I want to. Hmm… I don’t seem to have a font named ‘copperplate’ on my system…”



Jason Toon reads our threads and steals ideas from them.


Nice thought.





Can’t someone send me a BOC with pot in it?


Didn’t you say Fenstar was Toon?


I did. But I am leaning towards someone else.



Qwerty should just freaking listen to me and buy the laptop I suggested to him.