Whole Body Vibration Exercise System

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Whole Body Vibration Exercise System
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Want to know why the deal is so “good”? Because they’re garbage for nearly everyone.

Time to check out the product page

Anyone else think of these when they saw this?

That was my first thought. Those were popular in the 20’s and 30’s.

This one product sounds like pure snake oil.

“reduces your back and joint pains”
“Also by enhancing your local circulation it builds a stronger immunity system.”

Reviews over at Amazon

Those reviews over at Amazon sound “canned”. What is this machine supposed to do anyway?

tl;dr version: Interesting link. Basically only useful for people who need an alternative to more traditional exercise because they can’t do it. May have some very modest positive implications in bone density, especially in those prone to osteoporosis (grandma’s). Roots in Russian cosmonaut training. Most of the medical community hasn’t come to a conclusion on whether it’s effective. General consensus for “passive” exercise is: it’s not as good as the real thing by a big margin…

Perhaps you should actually read that webmd article. It notes that experts do NOT think these vibration exercise machines are “garbage for nearly everyone.”

I don’t know if this particular machine is a solid version of this kind of machine, but I do know that I personally experienced a pretty amazing workout on a much, much more expensive version of this type of machine.

I can see these collecting dust in the warehouse and inevitably ending up in some BOC’s.

It is hard to explain, but the way this machine works is it makes your muscles balance each other and makes it sore. Imagine squatting like you are sitting on a chair. Your legs would get very sore fast. The machine does that affect and makes your legs weak after 10 minutes, because your leg muscles are flexing constantly. I tried it before and my legs had a hard time walking afterwards for a few minutes. I think it really only works a few group of muscles so it is limited. There is no cardio value to this machine, you won’t be sweating.

Regardless of whether the machine works or not, the experts do seem to say that it’s still less beneficial than traditional exercise, and what they describe doesn’t live up to the hyperbolic copy, which makes it sound about as on-the-level as a chi machine.

I’m not saying there’s no value to this machine, I’m just saying that it is not the magical solution to everyone’s exercise problems and people should know that.

To be completely honest… I got one of these years ago thinking it might be good for a couple of my wheelchair friends. It is just a platform on a cam that shakes it… it goes up and down like a paint shaker. The switch quit working pretty fast and It collected dust until I dismantled it and threw it away. At least the one I had was $300. Big mistake.


Whole Body Vibration helps with weight loss, back/joint pain, arthritis, blood circulation, and much more.

  • Chris

The bases of Whole Body Vibration is to perform exercises while using g forces. The vibrations stimulate your muscles to provide a enhanced workout. This is a full body workout. Not just your legs. There are countless workouts that target your shoulders, arms, back, core, legs, and posterior muscles.


Hello, Chris, and thank you for stopping by.

I’m happy to hear you’re so confident in your machine, but, as a potential customer, those are very vague claims. Do you have links to some research or data backing them up? I tried a quick search of PubMed and whatnot, but most of the studies were either in obscure journals or had a clear financial interest. I’m assuming you’d be more able to lay your hands on some links than I would.

I wonder, would it be good for older children with sensory issues?

Oh it’s only a step or two away from being a Sybian. That piece of work-out equipment is loved and adored by all who own one.

What kind of sensory issues?

You should probably ask your doctor. I know that it’s not recommended for women who are pregnant–not that that’s the same thing.