Whole Body Vibration Exercise System

Is the RS3000 an oscillating platform or Tri-phasic/Tri-planar? I am interested in lymphatic drainage and read that the oscillating platform,with a center fulcrum point, and which moves side to side, works for that purpose.

Don’t rag on the leaches, they are still, albeit rarely,used in medicine. They do a great job. Probably would be used more if not for the ICK factor.

My understanding is that these units need to have a range of 0 - 60hz and at least 4G of force. I see the hz of this unit but no mention anywhere of the force. Please advise.

FYI, I have a friend who has a vibe plate that he uses in a clinical setting. It does have real benefits – and some of his female patients do experience a very enjoyable “side affect”.

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Do you find these work better with magnets or crystals?


Thank you all so much for your interest in our product. We have seen a lot of post regarding our 30 day money back guarantee. To clarify, the customer is responsible to pay for return shipping only. once the product is received a full refund of $399 will be issued.(unfortunately we can not refund woots! flat rate $5 shipping fee.)

On a related note, the warranty on today’s special is for a two year warranty; not a one year warranty. Please keep in mind, that our warranty is not a manufacture warranty, meaning that, should your RS3000 need to be serviced you will not have to ship it overseas. Our techs are located in the United States and if there happens to be a issues that our techs cannot fix, we will be happy to replace it with a brands new unit.

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As I understand it, there is a difference between the units that rock back and forth (like this one) and the ones that go straight up and down (like the Power Plate or Dave Asprey’s “Vibe”). The ones that go back and forth can cause hip issues. That said, I bought one like this on craigslist for $75 and it was neat, and if you just stand on one side, it basically vibrates up and down. It’s kind of cool before or after a workout to get the blood flowing, but you could also just shake in place and do the same thing. The machines are generally pretty loud, too. I sold the $75 one for $50 after about 6 months.

Oh man, you are not helping.

That actually reminds me of something else: some of these machines are dangerous. I’m not saying this one in particular is, because I don’t know.

For example, as far as the G-force goes, I found something in a study (which I can’t find now) that said you actually should not purchase any vibrating product (yes, all right, get your snickers out) that produces more than 1G of force, according to the ISO.

Here is more about the potential dangers of high-intensity whole body vibration. (PDF)

Sample quote:

Again, I’m providing this not as direct commentary on this particular product, but as a note of caution about any product of this type. This RockSolid model may very well be safe.

Is the RS3000 an oscillating platform with central fulcrum point, or Tri-phasic/Tri-planar? I am interested in lymphatic drainage and read that the oscillating platform,with a center fulcrum point, rocking side to side, works for that purpose.

The RS3000 is an oscillating platform with central fulcrum point. This machine also comes with resistant bands for additional workouts.


Remember the ground rules when trying to confuse the issue. Make murky general statements that people can interpret in their own personal way. It’s ingenious.

Here’s a good example: The device has been shown to help with pack pain. Something that almost all people suffer from in the world. Now here’s the catch “READY”: What type of back pain? Worn discs? Misalignment of the spine? Muscle strain? Multiple spine Fusion? Ruptures discs? Or are you just over weight and out of shape?

Now to the people who bought one or will buy one this final thought:

George Carlin — 'Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

There was an article from March 26th 2014 in mayoclinic.org, stating that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.

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Boss Hogg ordered three of these.

VERY short and simplistic article:


I found an image of someone beta testing an earlier model.

Maybe being shaken for ten minutes messes with your sense of balance and proprioception.

That Mayo Clinic link is not the glowing endorsement intended above. Research “is lacking.” It may have a role in fitness, or, on the other hand, it might not. Oh, and it can be harmful in some situations. Basically, it sounds to me that if you do not have the physical ability to exercise yourself, this might help with bone density and even some minor strength improvement, but, otherwise, get off the couch and go do some actual exercise.

Can you answer my question about the G Force?

Exactly. You can lookup studies published just this year by Ulf Ekelund that show 20 minutes of walking a day reduce early death associated with obesity and other health issues by 16-30%. Walking is free, and pleasant. You’re better off walking, or if your legs are capable of the movement, sprint for a minute, rest for a minute, sprint for a minute, rest for a minute… do that for 15 minutes and it’s as better for you than running for an hour.

our manufacturer states that our products achieve 8-9 g-force. With that said, our products are perfect for light commercial to home use. However, if you are looking for something more industrial then there are other options.

Please keep in mind that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to try our products in your home for a month.


I get up every AM with back pain and I don’t know what it is from. My thinking it is because our disc’s swell at night and this may be putting pressure on a nerve, I found that by walking 15 or 20 minutes makes the pain stop, then a friend gave me a vibrating machine cause i tried it at his house and I liked it so he gave it to me. The platform rocks at different speeds and when i get on it I found it rocks my hips and simulates walking so after 5 minutes on this machine I have no more pain and am normal the rest of the day. Good for golf, exercise or what ever. I love this thing cause for me it is great