Whole Body Vibration Exercise Systems

But does it… do the thing?

As a person who has lost a great amount of weight, and done much research on food fads, exercise fads, etc… I will just say this… if this product has another great benefit, other than “weight/fat loss”, buy it. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

There is absolutely no supportive literature regarding WBV systems unless you’re a post-op client rehabbing the lower extremities.

There is research on Whole Body Vibration & it’s benefits. Here is a helpful link.

WBV Study

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I assumed this was an April Fools joke. But here we are on April 2nd, and it’s still here.

You know who uses this right? Nasa… It works and there is literature so do some reading and research before you run your mouth.

NASA doesn’t use it. They looked INTO it, starting in the early 1960s, for combating bone loss in zero g. Studying and using are not the same thing. They also looked into detonating an ICBM on the moon, and using cannons to shoot satellites into orbit.

So …only research says if you are really old and can’t get around due to age related bone disease it could help your balance and pain… Guessing there are lots of WOOTers in that category

Don’t run your mouth without providing some proof to support your claim.

That was one small “study” in a nursing home using a different machine.

In the new study, 42 volunteers in a nursing home were randomized to a vibration group or a
nontreatment group for 6 weeks. The treatment group underwent 6 weeks of CWBV (4 oneminute
series 3 times a week) on a vertical vibrating platform (10 Hz in the first and third
series and 27 Hz in the second and fourth ones). The machine used was the Galileo 900®
While it was only a small study, “after just 3 weeks or 9 sessions, we saw a great
improvement in get-up-and-go,” Bruyere tells rheumawire. “Longer studies are needed,” he
adds. Patients in the new study also did about 10 minutes a day of classical physical exercise.
Very scientific “great improvement in get up and go”!!

Longer studies are needed! We need to all buy one and do studies. Longer studies. That are needed.

Or we could just enjoy the funny sounds we make when we talk that sound like we are talking through a fan. That would be more likely why I would buy this. Wait, I have a fan? Oh well, sorry woot…