Why 500 replies before a PM thread closes?

While I am WELL aware that PM threads close after 500 replies, I’m curious as to why the number 500 was used.

I burn through that fast with quite a few people, and considering that each of those chats has a naming scheme which I use depending on the participants, I’ve been forced to become creative in choosing topic names while following the scheme.

Is this payback for something?

Because if it is, then clearly I’ll need to place more orders where it costs more to ship the item to me than any profit which is being made on that purchase.

500 private message replies? What is being discussed, and why not an IM client?

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In one case, 1500 or so messages later, and I’m STILL not sure.

Why so many private conversations? Why all the secrecy? Maybe you need to share with the group more.

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On the other hand, maybe not

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Like you were going to quit.


I’d just do it more.

The berry detangler is nice but I usually buy the apple.

Then why have them? Woot is not here to be a communication hub. Take that jive-funk out of here.

Soon you’ll tell me that the Woot forums are secondary to the main site, and not that the main site supports the forums. :laughing:

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The initial point isn’t whether or not Woot is intended for heavy PM usage, but rather to find out why the number 500 is used for autolocking threads.

500 is excessive. It would get better suited to cut down to 50. Minimize storage needs, and discourage wrong use.

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I thought we all knew that this is one big consumer study?
It’s like those shopping rewards cards. Sure you can save a penny on a gallon of gas but they know how much peanut butter you’re buying.

Someone somewhere is keeping a spreadsheet on all our nonsense. But to distract us they keep selling bidets and vinegar when they know what we really want is to never have to go outside again.


Such as?

I’d love their analysis on “buys catshirts, has no cat.”


Using shirt.woot as a dating site?


Crazy cat person in the making, but probably has allergies. Send allegra push ads.


Using woot as a communication app. I hear rumors of some nitwits trying to exceed 500 messages in one PM!


Cat allergies.