Why are there limited / no supply of HP Desktops?

I’ve been a customer for many years and have purchased several desktops, all have been great and never had any issues with the products. I’m back in the market for a new desktop but noticed that there is a very limited inventory, especially with the HP units. Has something happened with the relationship with this vendor or is the supply just limited at this time? If anybody has any info I would appreciate some feedback.

Thanks and happy Friday


There’s been a lot of demand in recent months due to folks working from home. On the other side, supply chains have been constrained due to factories being closed since before Chinese New Year.

The net result is that there a lot less “excess” computer equipment to go around along with little need to discount. Even 8 year old computers have increased in resale value.

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Thanks for the explanation and that certainly makes sense. I’m glad that this is the case, gives me hope that in due time that there will be additional supply for me to choose from.