Why are you shipping things like this???

I ordered 3 Apple lightning headphone adapters in a single order the other day.
One, just one, arrived in a large bubble-wrap envelope today.
I check my order history to confirm I had ordered 3 and I see that 1 has been delivered, 1 has shipped, and 1 is preparing to ship.
WTF? Why on earth are these shipping separately wasting packaging and delaying their arrival? Surely there were 3 of them available in the same warehouse that could have all gone into 1 envelope to the same destination from the same order!

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Buy from apple and pay more if you want less packaging. It’s all about saving money here. Whatever is easiest and cheapest.

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Not necessarily. Much of Woot’s inventory is fulfilled by Amazon these days, so items may be located in any of their warehouses. If it just so happens that there is only one item in each warehouse, then it means they will be coming in three different shipments.

Yes, an alternate would be to inventory transfer from one warehouse to another, then consolidate into one shipment – but then folks whined that it “took too long”. Obviously, these folks don’t know and/or remember how it used to be back in my days with mail order; taking weeks for any order was the norm.

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I remember those days with fondness. Taping the loose change to an index card so it wouldn’t rattle around in the envelope.


They were shipped by/from Amazon. we can’t tell them how to do their jobs. If we could, we’d ask them to stop shipping ceramic mugs in poly envelopes. We tried to ask them. They said nope.

They want to encourage people to do puzzles.