Why Can’t I Fly, Friend?



haha way to stick it to the man (i think…) james! get kicked out and come back winning@



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after March 7th


Congrats! Yay for ostriches instead of penguins!


No surprises here. Congrats, Cho! How many printed shirts does this make for you?


Too girly, will be passed up yet again.


Bravo. first shirt round filed unfairly, resubbed even better than the original, and not only shows or places, but takes a commanding lead down the homestretch. Bravo Mr. Jimicho! Proud owner of two of your shirts, and just gifted patriot wings to a family member.

First Sucker for two Cho shirts:
First sucker: auggie24
Speed to first woot: 0m 9.343s

Last wooter to woot: elcifr

and Reality Isn’t For Everyone


Congratulations James! Glad to see that the ostriches won even after the tough penguin rejection. I suspect your Spring Rebirth will also makes its debut this weekend.


is the other ostrich digging a hole to bury his head?

cute shirt. congratulations to the artist!


Congratulations on the win. I am in for one.


Very nice. Congrats!


number one in my favorite cat so far, i dont know


Eh. Way too… “different” for a shirt design.


I like the design but I wish it came in a different color…


Wear it to the festival this weekend?

Overnight shipping is Tues?

It’s a time machine!


Awesome job Cho!! I still liked it after they shot down the penguin version. Grats on 1st place!


incidentally, i was just saying to myself earlier that i wished i had more cream shirts with ostriches on them.


wtg cho!


Agreed. :frowning:


:’-( I really liked the pengiuns entry too. It makes me sad and happy this design won. Good job!