Why Did It Have To Be Snakes

Reference video for those Indiana fans out there: Indian Jones hates snakes

My theory is that the only good snake is a dead snake. I’m sure Dr. Jones would agree.

Snakes > N.azis

whip smart. (tried resisting, really)

OK, at first glance I thought it said I hate Frakee. Was wondering who Frakee was. Snakes! Yeah, I hate them, too.

Am I the only one who sees Frakee?

When I first saw that I thought it said “Lhate Shakes” and I wondered what is “lhate” ? Is that some new fancy way to spell late(with that mark thingy above the e)? And why the rope…OOhhhhh wait, I see it. “I hate snakes”

And then of course it was all clear.

I love Indiana Jones and would love another Indiana Jones inspired shirt, but I don’t hate snakes so I have to sit this one out.

Assuming the handle is about 1 inch in diameter, the whip measures out to be about 10 feet, which is accurate.

If you guys don’t get the reference, it probably has something to do with either Mad Max or this guy


Congrats on the print Vincent, nice to see you classing up the joint!


Meh, Dodgers lost it 8-4. what disappointment. I give you this lousy piece of doodoo


My python and my corn snake disapprove.

I totally get the Indiana Jones reference, it makes me want to like the shirt, but the message just makes me sad :frowning:

Can I hug someones snake? The reptile kind…

This would be the perfect day to launch Hat Woot. I’m just sayin’.

Great design, 6AMCrisis.

This shirt also lets people know that if you throw them the idol, they will throw you the whip.

Maybe Frakes, but if you hated Jonathan Frakes, I would come to harsh words with you.

Thanks guys for your comments and Woot for my print :slight_smile:

Tony - you show Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson some respect! He was a champion footballer, acted on US tv, had a No. 1 hit single, and is the current serving Australian Prime Minister.


Warning to witty wooters- I’m going to be humorless here.
Just because it comes from a movie doesn’t make it a good shirt. If you’re afraid of snakes then just say that. It is a fairly common reaction. I would rather handle a snake than a mouse or rat.

I heard he once did 80,000 handstands in front of people. (or something like that)