Why do you have to make "log in with amazon" so complicated?

I just want to use chrome to log in to woot with my amazon account.
When I click on the yellow “log in with amazon” button nothing happens - absolutely nothing.
I have turned off all my extensions, popup blocker, privacy badger, ghostery, AdBlock etc…

If I try FireFox, when I click on the yellow “log in with amazon” button a popup window appears with an incredible long URL. If I paste this URL in chrome, the amazon.com sign in page shows up with my email and password already populated. If I click on the yellow “sign in to our secure server” button (still with chrome) it takes me here:
https://na.account.amazon.com/ap/oa?arb=BunchOfNumbers but the page is blank - Oh, it has a bunch of java script stuff in the source but the page is totally blank and I never get logged in.

Why is this so overtly complicated? My woot and amazon accounts are the same (my email address).
And no, I’m not going to clear my browser’s cache and/or temporary internet files as this will clear out all my synced chrome browsers on all my devices.

Try an incognito window in Chrome. That will avoid any issues that your cache might be causing.

Hi there. Something is definitely going on that stopping the login screen from behaving correctly. The incognito window is a very good suggestion.

Can you try it on a different device. That’ll take out all the things that could be blocking it.

When you click on the “yellow log in with amazon” button, do you notice a new chrome icon show up on the taskbar at all? Also, do you have dual monitors by any chance? (I am a little embarassed to admit this, but once I had an issue with a pop ip not working, and realized 2 days later that it was showing up on the other monitor…)